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Coming July 19th!

A crazy, Maleficent inspired Fairytale Fantasy!

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“I decided to take a risk on this story, so far most of the retellings of fairytales have been almost word for word of what we already know with a few added lines or just a minor adjustment or two. I did research this author’s prior reviews to see if I should take the risk. I’m so glad I did or I would have missed out on a hilarious story with loads of heat and a vulnerable heart.” — S. Lange

“Billie Dale is AMAZING!! She combines all of the Fairy Tales and gives them such a unique twist It’s almost impossible to put the book down! Who knew being the daughter of Shrek and The Fairy Godmother would leave a girl in such a Horny disposition!! Bring on the next book!!” — Kym Jones

“This is an extraordinarily funny book – it is worth reading for the hot yoga references alone, but the rest of the book is funny and heartwarming and just a fantastic fun read. There are lots of references to fairy tales but it is not your classic ‘retelling’. If there were more than five stars I would give it a six. I thoroughly recommend this story.” — Lynall

My name’s Mallory F’Cent, and I’m always horny.


No, get your mind out of the gutter. Not THAT kind of horny.

I’m talking about the horns on my head. It doesn’t matter how I try to disguise them with updo’s and headscarves; they’re two permanent, pointy reminders of my parentage – a feisty Fairy Godmother for a mom, and a towering ogre with poor impulse control for a dad.

I can’t help stand out even as I try desperately to blend in.

And now I’ve gone and turned into a Big Bad.

My heart is in tatters, and I’ve turned the man I love from sexy stud into a sad sack.

And the worst part?

Despite everything I’ve done to him, Stefan’s still willing to fight to find our Happy Ever After and he’s determined to prove there’s a halo held up by my horns!


Author’s Note:

Not So Wicked is full-length sexy fairytale. Ever wonder what would happen if Maleficent and Ursula were best friends? Find out with this romantic comedy stand-alone.


*Each book in the Fairytale Fantasy series can be read by itself.


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