Princess Witch is LIVE!

Hello my lovely followers…there aren’t many of you but I appreciate each and every one of you!

My newest read PRINCESS WITCH is live!!!


Bryenna, Declan and Phoenix will blow you away!


Grab your copy here:


My powers are amped, two men are making me question everything and I have a killer to catch. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.


What I want: Normalcy; to go to college and leave this alternate realm in my rearview mirror. 


What I get: Acting Queen duties and a giant mess.


Mom’s pregnant and, with some unforeseen complications, she hands the reigns of her land over to me. It’s got to be easy, right? Do what my mother needs done for the sake of the kingdom, wait for her to deliver the baby, and then I’m off to college. 


Wrong, so very wrong. A murdered body left by a cold-blooded killer throws an uber wrench in my plans.


Now, I have extra security in the form of a hot, brooding shifter named Phoenix Winston, plus a super sexy alien human hybrid – the one and only Declan Moore. 


I’ll either figure out what I’m doing or accidentally burn it all to the ground. Either way, my life just became interesting.

I have a super duper opportunity for you! My first release plus tons of other authors to be on the look out for in 2018 have offered up an impressive list of FREE READS through Instafreebie….check them all out!

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